The pleasure of taste, at lunch too

Every day the welcoming Sant Ambroeus restaurant proposes typical Italian and Milanese dishes, prepared with care to win over the most demanding palates. Attention to detail marries the search for fresh ingredients to offer a unique sensory experience.

Our menu


Nicoise salad with lollo lettuce, green beans, eggs, tuna belly, olives, potatoes and anchovies18€ 

Caprese salad15 €
Chicken salad with spumiglia, chicken breast golden-fried, mustard emulsion, celery, grana18 €
Tomino boscaiolo with grilled courgettes, eggplants, tomatoes and endive18 €
Parma ham and figs18 €
Smoked salmon, toasted bread and butter22 €
Pears salad with walnuts, mullet botargo and celery20 €


Ravioli of burrata with tomato sauce and basil18 €
Spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil18 €
Traditional saffron rice18 €
Acquerello rice with fresh porcini mushrooms22 €
Rice pilaf with prawns and curry22 €


Veal with tuna sauce with green beans and potatoes28 €
Fillet of turbot with mashed potatoes with lemon flavouring30 €
Amberjack tartare with Belgian endive, green apple, pitachios, orange mostarda and mint28 €
Traditional milanese veal cutlet with sauté potatoes30 €
Cutted fillet of piedmontese beef with porcini mushrooms30 €
Omlette with cheese / with ham and cheese16 €
Grilled vegetables 9 €


Fresh fruit salad9 €
Choose a cake from our homemade pastries9 €
Homemade ice cream or sorbet9 €

Dear consumer, our staff will be happy to help you choose the best dish related to any specific food allergy or intollerance issue. Our staff is well trained and we hope we will find the best way to satisfy you and also meet your specific needs.

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