Patisserie, the art of dazzling

Rigorously artisanal, shortcrust and puff pastry, fresh tarts, stuffed with products of superb quality and freshness, crafted down to the smallest detail. Tiered cakes, chocolate cakes, chocolates and pralines: an explosion of pleasure, sophisticated and delicate at the same time, a mixture of excellence and brilliance, a marvel of simplicity and refinement. At Sant Ambroeus’s you can taste the speciality of the shop, Ambrogiotto, the finest chocolate filled with zabaglione.

Painting and shaping chocolate tradition

Worked with skill and great manual techniques, chocolate lends itself well to a thousand artistic interpretations. Artisanal pralines stem from very high quality ingredients such as marron glacés, fruit, caramelized sugar, cocoa powder, coffee and spirits. At Sant Ambroeus’s you can taste flavourful and precious miniatures created with care and attention to safeguard flavour and product consistency.

le nostre creazioni

Guilty pleasures

Classical, artisanal, tailor-made confectionery, where the search for quality merges with the combination of the ingredients, always wholesome, fresh and natural: passion and emotion transpire from every delicacy and become a perfect marriage of harmony, flavour and aroma. In its kitchen, Sant Ambroeus creates every day small and fragrant sweets that delight palates and show off in the window, like real works of art.

le nostre torte classiche

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