Easter between art and surprises

Colombe and Easter eggs are prepared with great care by Milanese high patisserie masters, custodians of a tradition aimed at satisfying the most demanding customers. Chocolate comes to life in wonderful shapes, in small works of art with an unparalleled taste. Artisanal chocolate eggs are customised and stylish. Sant Ambroeus master confectioners process the best natural products and bake colombe similar to real sculptures. find out more

Sant Ambroeus: the art of patisserie

Sant Ambroeus has been Milan’s sweetest parlour since 1936. The bakery is set in one of the most beautiful buildings in Corso Matteotti and is pleased to welcome with its sweets the most exclusive customers that love good and sophisticated things. Sant Ambroeus has always focused on the selection of the best ingredients and the search for flavour: a masterly combination of tradition and creativity. A long history of sweets made rigorously by hand and with passion. find out more
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A light and tempting lunch

Every day, the elegant catering service brings to the table all the sophistication of Sant Ambroeus taste, from starters to desserts. Here, in a nice and relaxing environment, you can taste authentic Italian and Milanese dishes, such as risotto or the small cutlets, a “made in Milan” taste. Freshness, quality and authenticity are the prerogatives of every dish, and added guarantee for customers. And, last but not least, a selection of the Sant Ambroeus miniature specialities. find out more

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